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Record Dictation Easily

  When you first run Express Dictate you will see its easy-to-use interface is designed so non-technical users can start recording dictation immediately.

All the current dictations are displayed in a list. The 'notes' field can be used to include additional data about the dictation for the typist. The recording controls are also on the screen although professional users normally use the keyboard (or vDictate).

Send Dictations Fast

Express Dictate lets you setup one or more 'typist recipients'. When you have finished dictating and click send your file will be sent to the selected recipient.

Express Dictate supports recording encryption (HIPAA compliant) if you are required to secure patient or client data for transmission over the internet.




Digital Transmission

 With the ability to send recordings directly to a typist immediately by email, over an ordinary computer network or via FTP, Express Dictate offers you and your business flexibility in getting your recordings to your typist fast.

All of the transmission methods seen here (right) can be protected with HIPAA compliant encryption to protect client confidentiality.



Hot Key Control

Express Dictate can be controlled by system-wide hot keys (so you can record while working in other applications).

Hot keys are easily configurable. Just click 'Add' on the Keys tab, then the combination of keys that you wish to make the 'hot key'. You can then assign a task to the combination.

You can modify the assigned task of a hot key at any time.



Fully Configurable Options

There are many options on the Settings box which let you configure Express Dictate as required. For example, you could set a prompt for a case of file number and/or a patient name. These prompts are automatically inserted into the notes that accompany the audio file.

You may also insert a default note for each new dictation which also accompanies the audio file and this is easily edited when a change is required. Other features include automatic non destructive record editing with multiple record modes (record-insert, record-overwrite and record-at-end).


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